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As the number of posts on this blog is gradually building up, I felt I ought to try and organise it a bit better. So I'm trying out the Google Blogger 'Pages' function.

This, my first such page, is for all my book reviews, listing them as links in various categories. I'll start out by listing them alphabetically, by the author's surname, and see how that works!

Adam, Albrecht Napoleon's Army in Russia
Barbero, Alessandro - The Battle: A New History of the Battle of Waterloo
Bonaparte, NapoleonClisson & Eugenie  (The young Napoleon tries his hand at romantic fiction)
CarruthersNapoleon on Campaign
CaulaincourtWith Napoleon in Russia
Clayton & O'ConnellBonaparte & the British (catalogue of the excellent 2015 British Museum print show)
Delderfield, R. F. - Imperial Sunset
Delderfield, R. F. - March of the Twenty-Six
Delderfield, R. F.Napoleon In Love
Delderfield, R. F. - The Retreat From Moscow
du Faur, Faber - With Napoleon in Russia
de Fezensac, Lieut. Gen. - A Journal of the Russian Campaign of 1812
Esdaile, [Charles?] - Napoleon's Wars
Field, AndrewWaterloo, The French Perspective
Franklin, JohnQuatre Bras (Osprey Campaign Series)
Gardiner, Robert - Warships of the Napoleonic Era
Gill, John H.Thunder on the Danube  (Trilogy: parts I, II & III)
Haythornthwaite, Philip - Napoleon's Military Machine
Hibbert, ChristopherWaterloo
Hofschröer, Peter - Wellington's Smallest Victory
Howarth, DavidTrafalgar, The Nelson Touch
Howarth, DavidA Near Run Thing (Waterloo!)
Jakob, WalterDiary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier
Jomini, Antoine HenriThe Campaign of Waterloo (abridged/extracted from a much larger work)
Korolev, AlexanderThe Great Retreat (archaeological artefacts from the route of the Grande Armée's calamitous retreat out of Russia)
Mercer, CavalieJournal of the Waterloo Campaign (reviews of both the abridged and full editions, both from Pen & Sword)
Muir, RoryWellington, The Path to Victory
North, Johnathan (Ed.) - The Napoleon Options (10 imaginary alternative history scenarios)
Petre, F. Loraine Napoleon's Campaign in Prussia, 1806
Roberts, Andrew - Napoleon The Great
Roberts, AndrewWaterloo, Napoleon's Last Gamble
Scott, Sir WalterThe Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, A Biography (a single volume abridgement of Scott's epic bestseller, formerly long out of print)
Simms, BrendanThe Longest Afternoon (the KGL's defence of La Haye Sainte, at Waterloo)
Smith, Digby - Armies of 1812
Strathern, PaulNapoleon in Egypt
Uffindel, AndrewThe Eagle's Last Triumph
Zamoyski, Adam1812, Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow
Zamoyski, AdamRites of Peace

Beevor, AntonyArdennes, 1944
Forrester, C. S.Gold From Crete (a collection of short stories set in WWII, mostly nautical, but including one about Operation Sea Lion, imaging how it would have played out had it gone ahead)
Leckie, RobertHelmet For My Pillow (WWII memoir, source for HBO's Pacific)
Sledge, EugeneWith The Old Breed (WWII memoir, source for HBO's Pacific)
Walsh, StephenStalingrad, 1942-1943, The Infernal Cauldron

Bostick, DouglasThe Confederacy's Secret Weapon
Catton/GreenspanPicture History of the Civil War (this post is more about the amazing Greens
maps than Catton's book as a whole!)
Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThe Passing of the Armies
National Geographic100th Anniversary ACW issues
O'Shea/GreenspanBattle Maps of the Civil War

Katcher & EmbeltonThe Mexican American War, 1846-1848 (Osprey Men-at-Arms series)

Pearson, HarryAchtung Schweinhund
Perry, Alan & MichaelMasterpieces in Miniature
Walsh, ArthurThe Boys' Book Of Airfix

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