Saturday 4 May 2019

Book Review: M29 Weasel, David Doyle (Images of War)

Another vehicle that's new to me, this time the M29 Weasel. Prolific veteran author on such subjects David Doyle (who's published a book on this vehicle before) gives a good account of the development of this interesting little vehicle, copiously illustrated with, in the main, contemporary images of surviving examples. 

US communications troops laying telephone wires on Okinawa, 1945.

These images are a superb resource for vehicle buffs, modellers, wargamers, etc. But I must confess, as great and as useful as they are, they tip the balance rather too far from the usual archival content these Images of War titles are named for. That's the chief reason I give this otherwise excellent book just fours stars.

A Weasel serving as a stretcher bearer, Belgium, '45.

Originally intended as a 'special' for use in a one-off raid in Norway, after the mission was cancelled the Weasel gradually evolved into a very versatile vehicle that would be used in almost all theatres,  working in heavy snow, thick mud, tropical conditions, in the water, dropped in planes or gliders, and serving on into postwar times, such as the Korean War.

Nice view of a Weasel' interior with weapons and ammunition.

Water is no obstacle to Weasels.

I'd like to have a few for my Allied WWII forces, but have only seen 1/35 and 1/48 kits. Can anyone tell me if there are any 1/72 models out there? Anyway, another highly informative and very interesting book in this very useful series.

Many have survived to be restored.

A nicely built 1/35 model.

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