Wednesday 8 May 2019

T-34 (+ others) Tank Factory, Update

Yesterday I managed to spray basecoats of green on to my T-34s, and a bunch of Allied materiel. Can't recall offhand what green I chose for the Russian armour. But I know I used Olive Drab for the Shermans, Jeeps, etc. Sadly the aerosol I was using for the T-34s - brand new, and therefore supposedly full - drained in one go. On bringing them all indoors, after spraying them in the garden, I discovered I'd missed one. Took it out and tried, but there just wasn't enough paint in the can. Think I'll do it with my airbrush, as I don't want to fork out for another full (hah!) can for just one vehicle.

I didn't want all the T-34s a uniform green. So when I airbrushed the unpainted tank, I also resprayed a couple, and with one - front and centre above - tried to get a blend of the two, to give a third shade of green. I also checked th colour of the lighter tanks, and found I'd used Humbrol Light Olive (86). Next up, I'll need to paint all the stowage, and other bits and bobs, before I seal it all under a glosscoat prior to adding decals and weathering, etc.

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