Friday 11 October 2019

Book Review: Battle of Midway, John Grehan (Images of War)

This is an excellent book. Well written, with a great selection of photographs. Although I'm more interested in WWII in Europe by and large, I found this a fascinating and compelling read.

For someone, like me, with a very limited and sketchy knowledge of the War in the Pacific, this is pitched perfectly, giving enough info to stimulate deeper interest, but not so much as to overwhelm. And the clear and concise text is brought to life by the images, which cover the whole event in an admirably comprehensive and evenly balanced way.

Should I revisit the '76 movie?

Materiel and personnel of both sides are shown, as are all the major events. Learning more about such famous events as the destruction of USS Yorktown was fascinating. Having read this I feel the urge to re-watch the classic old 1976 Midway movie. And maybe to even take a chance on the more recent film?*

* Due out in the UK in early November.

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