Tuesday 15 October 2019

Book Review: The Fall of Berlin, Ian Baxter (Images of War)

Symbolically the fall of Berlin seems like end of WWII in the West, even though combat actually sputtered on in numerous other places. This latest Images of War title starts with the Russian Vistula-Oder offensive, so actually some way from Berlin, moving through the Defence of the Oder and the Battle of the Halbe. 

Each of these forms a chapter, with a brief synopsis of events from Ian Baxter and sections of black and white photos. It's not till the fourth chapter that we actually get to the Battle for Berlin. At the end there's an Order of Battle appendix, listing German and Russian forces.

The text is ok, but the captions for the pictures recycle the body text too often for my liking (not at all would be best). The pictures are by and large ok, but some are rather poor, including several so poor I don't think they should've been used. Neither the best nor the worst in this very useful series, this is still a good bit of reference material for those of us who like collecting such material on WWII.

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