Sunday 6 October 2019

15mm Napoleonics: AB Napoleon & Staff, pt. IV

Well, whilst still not 100% finished, Napoleon and co. are getting there. I find that I enjoy working on basing. It kind of scares me, as well. I think it's all to do with my phobia of finishing stuff. I'm also having issues with aerosol spray varnishes clouding. All that really remains, however, is a very small amount of touching up. Mostly of mounts and horse tack. But also a little repainting due to clouding varnish.

This slightly more aerial view was shot in order to show a few little basing touches, like the wheel ruts on Boney's base, and the hoof-prints on several of the bases. The eagle-eyed observer might spot that these bases still have strips of masking around the edges. I'll remove these one the figures, their mounts and the bases are all completely finished. I'm not sure if I should finish the bases with grass green edging, or blue for Frenchies?

A Napo-centric focus here (note dual-Boneys: mounted and seated!).

Focus shifted to the rear of the group.

So, we have Poniatowki avec his ADC, Ney sans chapeau, also avec ADC, Napoleon (seated and mounted!), Roustam and a page, two Chausseur a Cheval bodyguards, and a couple of general purpose staff types. I had thought about one large command diorama type base (obviously not featuring both emperors!). But I think I prefer the flexibility this approach offers. I hope that by tomorrow, or Monday at the latest, these will be completely finished.


  1. Very nice Seb.I've always loved the dozing Napoleon figure. AB do make the best 15mm Napoleonic figures out there without a shadow of doubt.

  2. I'll echo Ray's words. Great stuff! We're I ever to try 15mm Napoleonics again, they would be Battle Honours/AB. If you are having trouble with aerosol varnishes, you might want to try some of the acrylic brush-on types by Liquitex, Winsor-Newton, or similar. Much easier and more dependably flat, satin, or gloss depending on your choice. A little more time consuming, but well worth the effort.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Stokes, I'll give those Liquitex and Windsor & Newton alternatives a try. Definitely peeved at the way the aerosol one keeps clouding! Thanks, Seb