Tuesday 5 March 2019

Kit Review: S-Models 1/72 Kettenkrad & Pak 36

The box, and Hawkins, on the box.

Watching snooker on TV and building the two Pak 36 guns from my first ever S-Models kit this evening. Ronnie O'Sullivan made short work of Barry Hawkins. After the match O'Sullivan seemed a bit amped up, like he'd just done some coke, or something. 

Two gun sprues.

Partially assembled.

Well, I have to say I'm impressed with my first S-Model kits: cleanly moulded, decent fit. Good detail. Nice models! Shame there's no figures. Crew for the guns and a driver for the 'Krad would've been fab. 

Two rather cute little Pak 36.

I started this '1+1' kit - you get two models, and in this instance that's actually two of each, so four models - with the guns. Built those downstairs, watching TV on the sofa. Not ideal conditions for modelmaking. But fun! 

Building the Kettenkrad... in bed!

As midnight approached, bed beckoned. But I wanted to finish the kit. So I took the Kettenkrads up with me. Built them in bed... It's now 2.15am. Time to stop typing this and go to sleep!

And they're done.