Monday 11 June 2018

San Diego Model Railway Museum, on TV

Watching telly last night, I saw this... (apologies for the crappy pics of my TV screen)

Did you spot the oversized head, on the horizon?

Visitors give a sense of scale.

It was only a brief and passing segment, but it was nice to see some model railways on TV. I think what I like best about them, perhaps a bit perversely, are the landscapes. As a wargamer I want my landscapes, if/when I finally get that far with any of my various projects, to have the wow factor these set ups have.

Cool beans!

Portillo enthuses about the impressive layouts.

It was on Michael Portillo's final episode of Great American Railway Journeys, when he visits the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. The models and layouts are maintained by volunteers, and they've been continuously worked on for 35 years, and are valued, according to Mikey P, at $3,000,000!

One of the team of volunteers who maintain the exhibits.

It's on an impressive scale.

Watch it on iPlayer, when it's uploaded.

I emailed the museum, asking for some pictures, or permission to use some from their website. They kindly sent me the following images:

Kind of unrelated, but also seen and enjoyed today:

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