Tuesday 9 July 2019

Kit Build/review: Airfix 1/72 Fw 190A-8

This must be a pretty old kit, judging by the box, the instructions, and most especially the state of the decals. I bought it off a fellow modelmaking pal at one of the regular Wisbech IPMS meets I've been going to, along with several other models (all German/Luftwaffe/WWII). As ever, I love the old box art. The instructions are less good, and the decals are unusable. But the quality of the kit itself is pretty good, in my view; it's cleanly moulded, and nicely detailed.

Musty old instructions, and fossilised decals!

I laid out all the sprues. A few parts had become detached. But everything seemed to be present and correct. After that I began separating and cleaning bits, ready for assembly.

I like to prep and layout the kit, usually in the stages indicated in the instructions, or pretty close.

The main parts, cleaned up and ready for preliminary painting and assembly.

I painted the pilot and the internal cockpit areas. I didn't bother detailing the latter, which is very bare, as it's going to be nigh in invisible once the kits assembled. Everything went together pretty well. Almost no clean up was required. And fit was generally very good. My only gripe was that the two landing gear/wheel assemblies didn't come out very symmetrical.

Assembly continues apace.

Painted pilot in situ.

The plane comes together pretty simply and quickly. This is the first of several Focke Wulfe kits I have. Most are similar in type/style to this one. But there is also one Ta-152 type (and it's a Dragon kit). I think the Fw 190 and it's variants are attractive airframes. 

Canopy glued on, painted for inner frame colours, and masked.

Lichtblau undercarriages and the lighter of the two greens for splinter camo' airbrushed.

'???' masked, hellgrun applied.

Fw 190 with soft edges, Me 109 with hard edges.

I tried out a new technique - new to me at any rate - to get a soft edged splinter camo' scheme on the Fw190, whilst I did a more trad approach I've used before for the hard edged splinter on the Messerschmitt. Overall I'm pleased with progress so far. Next some more painting: tires/wheels, guns, etc. Then a gloss cost and some decals. Lots to do! The Focke Wolfe presents a challenge, markings wise, as the original decals are kaput.

The chaos that reigns on my modelling deck.

Just turned in after watching a fab programme on The Beats, on Sky Arts. It was great to be reminded of my former passion for Kerouac and beat era culture. It made me want to re-read some old books, listen to more bebop, and maybe even check out more Ginsburg and Burroughs. But as I retired for the night, instead I snapped my modelmaking desk space. As can be seen, there are planes and tanks galore. Very little gets finished.

And what of my 6mm and 10mm 1812 armies!? I really must start making inroads on painting basing and organising them! Still, a beat hangover that's apparently a permanent part of my personality pie is my 'tumbleweed soul' m.o. I go where'ere my winds (parp!) blow!

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