Thursday 14 June 2018

Newsflash! Airfix to release 'Vintage Classics'

Thanks to a recent-ish post from Legatus Hedlius (visit his excellent blog here), I became aware of the imminent release of a new old line from Airfix, that wonderfully iconic brand of plastic models that, whilst seeming quintessentially British, was actually started by a German chap, Nicholas Kove. You can read more on the Airfix story here, if you fancy it.

The cynic might think, 'Ah, right, at last, Airfix are coming clean about not bothering to update their older models,  and yet they're passing it off as a bold new addition to their range!' 

Certainly I think it wasn't good when they were selling these often very ancient designs/mouldings with updated artwork, which might lead to buyer/builder disappointment, when either the modeller was plain disappointed at certain shortcomings, or, if they're more clued up/inquisitive, they realise or discover the true 'vintage' nature of these models.

Whatever the reasons, I think it's a good development, as it both makes clear the hoary old pedigree of these kits, and - better still, in my view - provides Airfix with an excuse to revert to old logos and artwork for this line. 

I far prefer these lovely stylish old logos, and the often quite dramatic and sometimes even quite beautiful illustrations, to the supposedly slick but usually totally soulless modern packaging Airfix have been drifting into using in recent times.

I already have quite a few of these kits, especially the German WWII stuff. But I might well support this move by Airfix by buying some Allied matériel. Or, in fact, make that British stuff! The Bofors kit looks like fun, and a 'lindybeige' thing on YouTube where he rhapsodises about the Universal Carrier, marketed here by Airfix as a Bren Gun Carrier, has made me look at this ugly duckling of a workhorse afresh. Oh, and a Churchill tank... why not? Do Airfix also have a Vintage Cromwell kit?

It's worth noting that many of these - and all the ones I've pictured - are 1/76, as opposed to the more popular 1/72. Some of the items in this re-release range are already out, but others say 'pre-order'. And the ones I clicked through to, on a 'pre-order FAQs' link, said they should be out in August.


  1. Yes, I had posted these on TMP - with, dare I say it, a far more reserved, nay, negative view, than yours 😀
    I have moved onto things like Armourfast and PSC, and taken my kids with me, and we have generally enjoyed the accuracy and ease of the new kits.
    So my reservations with Airfix is that they are reluctant to remake anything tank/figure wise. Aircraft, yes, but tanks and wargaming have slipped past them. Now, I understand that the world has moved on, but Armourfast/PSC/S-Models etc have shown that there are sales out there. And Airfix, with their global reach, surely could manage to market new products enough to make money on them.
    So good news, in one way (and don’t get me started on Roy Cross artwork - the evil genius responsible for my pocket money going missing each week). Just wish they would modernise.

    1. Hi Marc, like you I've been happy to move on to things like PSC and Armourfast, as they're robust kits suited to the wargame table, and the latter are also good value price-wise (PSC are overpriced, in my view). These brands are obviously a bit basic compared with the finescale guys like Dragon, Revell, and all those more for the modeller than the wargamer. And when you think how often Dragon upgrade their products, it puts Airfix's current conservatism to shame.

    2. Can't stand Armourfast myself. Built their Wolverine's a while back, hated them and ended up binning them. Completely devoid of any significant detail. Still build Airfix stuff but much rather build an older kit that the re-issues with a lot of flash. But try to avoid their Panther and Tiger. Those are pretty hideous.

  2. Nostalgia on a stick! I can smell the polystyrene cement already!