Tuesday 15 September 2020

Misc: Wish List & Reference Resources

It's quite normal for me to have a plethora of pages open in my browsers simultaneously. This can make moving back and forth between the few most active pages hard work, as I scroll past lots of pages I'm really not using. I know this is what the 'bookmark' function is for. But I only really use that for a certain core of oft-visited sites. So I've decided to compile some of these links, or rather those related to my mini-military hobbies, on a post or a page here.

First is a list of useful reference type links. I'm starting with a few on casting in resin, or similar. As that's something I'm about to have my first go at.


Casting resin parts
Resin casting tutorial - David Damek.
Sylmasta - casting & mould-making - tutorial by the people I got my resin casting kit from.
BJB, Moulding vid #2 - not directly miniatures related, but filled with useful moulding and casting info.

Blue Stuff (new to me!)
Blue Stuff mould-making tutorial - David Damek.

Vacuum Chamber (for removing air-bubbles from silicone, etc) & Vac-Forming
DIY Vacuum Chamber - how to construct your own vacuum-chamber for getting air our of silicone, etc.
Mini vac-form set-up - could be useful in getting set up to vac form small parts for kit conversions and scratch-building?

And then here's a somewhat larger list of stuff I lust after (hence the Tex Avery pic, atop this post)...


1/72 WWII German 
IBG Models - Own brand 1\72 home page, loads of great stuff, inc. Universal Carriers, etc.

Modelling tools and equipment

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