Saturday 19 September 2020

HELP!!! New Blogger Interface Doesn't Work...

It's a while since I made this initial post. When I made it, it had no content whatsoever, just the appended comments. They were the only content I could add from either my iPhone or iPad. Things haven't changed, and it's definitely heftily impacted the ease with which I can post. Most annoying!

The skull and crossbones image was a later addition, done on my desktop iMac, the only device of mine on which I can now continue posting to my blogs. Below is a screenshot taken at the time of the original failure to post. I think taken on my iPad?

Ah, the joys of blogging...

I was able to add/edit a title... but there were nowt doin' in the big blank space below. And so it remains. I'm having all kinds of other issues relating to the whole 'Apple wants to run your entire life' situation, which includes their desire to dictate what gear you have and, even more insidious, how you use it. Anyway, the upshot is that I'll have to cave in, sooner or later, and update my Apple tech. Or... and oh boy am I tempted, bin the whole oh-so precious Mac mallarkey and enter new pastures.

My only issue with this latter idea is, that, like modern TV - so many channels, so little worth watching on - we live in times of, perhaps (and then again perhaps actually not) more choices than ever. But it does kind of depend what the choices are. So there may be more. But they might all be more or less the same, and all equally good/crap. 

This is certainly true of things like tech services and utilities. Yes, there's lots of choice. Too much,  in fact, inducing what I call 'consumer blackout. But all the choices are essentially almost imperceptibly different shades of the same shitty packages: overpriced, with execrable so-called 'customer service' (customer contempt, more like), and giving you only options that suit the seller or provider, noit the user or consumer.


  1. I'm having to type what should be the body of this post as a comment, because Google's new Blogger interface simply doesn't work at all on my iPad. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

    1. I have not experienced this issue. You have the post created, can you not edit the post and type text into the body area? Have you tried creating another new post to verify that this issue can be duplicated?

    2. Hi JF, until very recently, i.e. either yesterday or the day before, I was able to revert to the 'legacy' version of blogger, and that worked fine. But tthe new interface simply doesn't work, for me. Two examples: 1) The menu bar at the left won't allow me to scroll up and down. I have to chagfe the orientation of my iPad to view all the options. 2) At present when I select a post I can edit the title, and publish the post, but that's it. I can do literally NOTHING to the body of the post. It's just a blank area, and no amount of puzzling or fiddling produces any results of any kind. Can't even summon up a flashing cursor... weird, and very frustrating! I've commented on this using the feedback feature. I'm awaiting a response...

  2. Seb,

    I’ve been using my iPad to create my blog posts using HTML.

    Have a look at my blog to get some idea of how I’ve done it.

    Good luck,


    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback. And yes, I'll certainly check out your blog. That said, I did do a certain amount in HTML already, and part of my current issue is that the new interface blocks me from doing anything - literally anything - to the body of a new post. I think it also does the same for older posts as well. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with Flash, which Apple products are famously averse to... Anyway, thanks for chipping in. And I look forward to revisiting your blog. Cheers, Seb

  3. Yes I switched back as my iPad would not work with the update so returned to the old interface


  4. Hi Matt, seems we're far from alone in this respect. I do hope Google fix it for those of us whose workflow is severely impacted. I can no longer access the 'legacy' version of blogger on iPad or iPhone. The new interface does, however, work on my iMac. So I'm having to post from that now. It's really annoying! Cheers, Seb