Thursday 18 December 2014

1/72 WWII - Special Armour Sdkfz 11/4 Nebelkraftwagen (#1)

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I haven't had time to post on here for ages. It's sooo frustrating! Anyhow, here's a quickie, which is actually an appeal for information.

I'm taking a bit of a break from my 6mm Napoleonics project. What little time I have free for miniatures I'm spending building 1/72 and 1/76 WWII German armour, etc. This has grown out of the regular monday model-making get-togethers with my father.

My query concerns the funny aerial-like things on Sdkfz 11/4 Nebelkraftwagen bumpers. What are they? I've been rooting around online, but can't find out what these weird little thingies on the wheel-arches are... Can anyone enlighten me? Any help much appreciated.

The parts I'm intrigued to learn more about are highlighted in this pretty cruddy pic.

Sorry it's not a better photo. It's just a quick ref snap from my mobile phone! The things I'm referring to are the sort of zig-zag bendy wire bits, one on either wheel arch. They come as photo-etched brass parts in the model kit; very fiddly and fragile! I already broke one off and had to replace it. Fortunately Special Armour supply the photo-etched parts with a few spares included.

This post is actually really only so the above photo has a URL I can paste up over on TMP! Hopefully in the near future I can return and post properly about the stuff I (or in fact we, as my dad's doing this too!) have been having a ball building.


In an attempt to go through all my old folders of pics of various model-making sessions, and get everything online and up to date, I came across all the pics - by no means a complete record, alas - of this first Special Armour Nebelkraftwagen build. The observant reader will note that the above part of the post show the model at a later stage than any of the pics below, despite these being posted much later!

I think I posted the 'original post' above, a query regarding the widthi-indicators, in mid to late December last year, and I'm putting these pics up in early June! I'm still not decided as to the best approach to updates: should I add them to the original post, as I'm doing here? Or should they be a completely new post? For the time being, I'm going with updating the original post, so as to keep all the info on a particular model in one place.

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