Friday 26 December 2014

1/72 WWII - Italeri Jagdpanther (I)

Over the Christmas period I've acquired a lot more model kits, and somehow ended up with two Italeri Jagdpathers (and in different colour plastics!). This was the second kit I built on Xmas day itself... what fun it is to indulge oneself!

There's no hint on the box artwork that there is, in fact, a commander figure in the box.

Nor that there are sch├╝rzen, neither! The suggested paint schemes on the rear of the box are all rather nice though.

Link 'n' length tracks, in silver styrene!

As I suspected, this Italeri kit is in fact an even older Esci kit, repackaged: the track srpue holds the tell-tale clue.

There are a few discrepancies between the kit build and the instructions, which I describe in more detail in the main body text.

The decals.

Like so many kits of this type, this build starts with running-gear.

Actually I has some trouble with fit and alignment of some wheels.

The difficulties with wheels fit and alignment made the link 'n' length track fitting even trickier.

There were also issues re the fit of the upper body and casemate on to the lower hull and chassis. 

Fitting the hatches was fiddly.

There were aslo some niggles re the fit of parts when detailing the body.

A few pics find the commander atop the rear superstructure.

From some angles the gun barrel ain't straight and true.

And a bunch of other pics find the commander in his cupola.

I used the two spare segments of track here, rather than the 'spare' sections provided.

At the time of posting these images, it's late and I have to get to bed. So, I'll fill in the actual kit review detail at some later date... whenever I can!

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