Tuesday 1 March 2022

Book Review: Hetzer, Western Front 1944-5, Dennis Oliver (Tank Craft 31)

The Hetzer tank destroyer is one of my favourite WWII German AFVs, and certainly one of the coolest and funkiest of the many variants based on the Czech Pz 38 sub-assembly. 

In yet another excellent instalment from the prolific Dennis Oliver Pen & Sword’s Tank Craft series continues to grow apace. 

This one’s a little different from may of Oliver’s other contributions to this ever expanding series. After an introduction to the introduction (eh?) of the Hetzer, as a better more mobile and armoured form of tank-hunting artillery, we get brief unit histories for the many Heer units issued with this machine. 

The colour profiles reveal this AFV to have been painted in many striking and attractive variations of the German late-war tri-colour scheme - Rotbrun, Dunkekgelb and Olivgrun - and is followed by a good selection of superbly made models (two 1/48 and two 1/35). 

I always wish for at least one model in my own favoured scale, of 1/72.  But it’d be churlish to dock any stars on that account, as this a solid and informative volume.  

As well as the usual modelling products section, and technical details/modifications, there’s a bit about the non-Heer (SS and other) units. Plenty of pictures, from wartime black and white stuff to the colourful profiles and models, this an attractive publication.  

Definitely recommended. 

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