Wednesday 30 May 2018

Building a paint rack

My workspace is, as ever, a real mess, which seriously hampers any efforts to get back into hobby activity. So having recently made a storage dingus for my mini-chisel set, I started making a plywood paint-rack yesterday, and took these pics today, as I glued up. I'll probably put a back-board on it, to help keep it all plumb-square

Main components, glue in place, ready for assembly.

Glueing this lot together was messy, and quite tricky. For starters I had to buy more F-clamps, as I only had two sufficiently large for this job. As is my usual way, I made loads of mistakes. Still, if I learn from them, as I hope I do, it's all good grist to the creative mill.

Had to buy more clamps for the tricky glue-up.

In this third pic I've stood the thing upright, as it's intended to be used. There's room for 60 of those little Vallejo type acrylic paint pots, plus a modest general purpose shelf at the top, for whatever might fit in there.

In its proper vertical orientation.

I'm looking forward to this being finished and, I hope, aiding me in creating a more efficient ordered workspace. Maybe then I can finally get back into painting and gluing!?

Hardboard back-board, cut to size and painted.

By about midnight-ish, and whilst semi-watching a vintage Star Wars double-bill (Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back), I'd got the backboard cut to size and painted in one of my many favoured shades of green. I also gave the plywood a coat of matt varnish.

Varnishing the shelves.

Now all that remains is to fix the backboard, probably with a combo of glue and panel pins. Sadly the shelves have dried, glue-wise, out of square in both directions, vertical and horizontal! This makes gluing and pinning that much harder. Hey-ho , so it goes! Still, hopefully they'll be completed very soon. I'll need to charge my drill first, and then drill pilot holes for the pins, as otherwise I'll end up splitting the plywood (one of many mistakes from previous projects I have learned from!).

Locating panel pins whilst keeping the shelves clamped square.

Ta-dah! Done, and loaded. I've not yet sorted the paints*.

And finally, it's complete. Above is a quick snap. Already fully laden (well, there are a few more paint holders). I'm pretty pleased. Also visible, my chisel rack, and at left, the normal state of chaos.

* My OCD side requires that at some point soon I sort the paints into some better more logical order. I just slapped 'em in any old how, for the sake of a pic.

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