Sunday 10 July 2016

Kit build/review: Revell 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 7/1 w flak & trailer

I built one of these some while ago (see my earlier post here). Somewhat more recently I went back to that as yet unfinished model and drilled out loads of holes in the rear side panels. I enjoyed this model - both the original build and my drilling odyssey - so much I decided I wanted to build another.

This time I resolved to start the model by drilling the holes in the side panels, as opposed to removing them from a near finished model, with the risk of damaging them, as I did last time. I also drilled out the flak gun barrels in advance. I imagine I'll go back to the older model and do this as well. Mind you, doing that to an assembled gun - the tiny thin barrels are so flimsy at this small scale - seems fraught with risks!

This time I got all the side-panel drilling out of the way at the start!

The superb running-gear assembly: crisply and cleanly moulded, well designed; goes together like a dream.

Like so.

I'm not sure, but I think I read somewhere that this kit had been retooled recently. It does feel a little different from the previous model I made. Any differences, if there are indeed any, are probably for the better. And in an already excellent kit, that's quite something! The design and fit of parts, especially the running-gear and tracks, are superb. And these tracks are hands down my favourite of any kit I've built thus far.

Regarding the tracks; the instructions say to soften them in warm water. I find they don't necessarily need this. But, having said that, on both occasions of building these models, the tracks have come apart in several places. Perhaps the softening step would prevent this? I suspected it might make the problem worse, so didn't bother. Might well try it on another build tho'. Hmmm?

Completing the chassis.

Beginning assembly of the cab.

There's plenty of nice chassis detail, with winch, fuel tanks and exhaust, etc., all nicely formed. One day I'll really go to town on one of these, and paint it more obsessively. But on this (and the last) occasion, I'm keeping it relatively straightforward. 

Barrels drilled out.

Holes drilled on the rear deck gun platform.

Upper bodywork ready for construction.

Brush painted cab interior.

What's that box to the left of the seats? A battery, perhaps?

I painted the cab interior at this point, as I did last time as well. I'm thinking that on this occasion I might build the vehicle as if parked, with the sides down, manned and ready to fire. So I may well have the cab doors open this time. I might even paint some of the chassis elements a bit - fuel tanks, winch, etc. - although I won't go overboard, as these will be wargaming pieces, not display models.

Some time later... I did go ahead and paint some of the chassis detail, etc. I enjoyed doing so, and felt it was looking ok, but... well, you'll see later!

Painting the chassis...

Having considered modelling the sides down, I went instead with 'up', like my other version!

A view of the cab interior, and all those holes I drilled!

Applying more paint to the underbelly.

Ready to commence building the flak 38.

Mid-assembly. It's a terrific little kit within a kit!

Atop a cork, for easier handling.

Preparing the trailer for construction.

I'll have one of the panels open, with ammo boxes inside, and sundry stowage on the roof.

Building a wire 'A-frame' stand for the trailer...

... in situ.

White plastic foot and hinge fittings added...

... and more supporting doodads at rear.

At this point our preparations for our imminent move to a new home took precedence. I did actually do more on the model (and this post!), but the update was lost during one of the many super-crappy network coverage outage moments we suffer from in this locality.

Consequently I've lost the part where I base-coated all three components parts - 1/2-track, gun, trailer - with the matt grey car undercoat I'm using, and instead I'll end this post with the kit in her dunkelgelb dressing, as she currently stands.

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