Tuesday 22 September 2015

An Hiatus Hexplained...

Canova's classical style bust of Napoleon, at the BM.

This here blogging malarkey is both addictive and demanding. But sometimes life gets in the way!

I thought I'd better just post something - so as to post anything, really! - rather than let the blog languish altogether. So here are a few odds and ends, incidentally giving a partial explanation of why wargame and figure related business is kind of on hold for the mo'.

At present, as well as my music teaching work (it's the busy period of a new term getting underway), I'm doing some fun freelance illustration for a big name client, and I'm painting a harpsichord lid - see pic below - for my uncle, Terence Charlston, a professional classical musician and educator specialising in baroque era music. It's a totally new departure for me, and has proven to be a great experience: fun and educational (and it even brings in a helpful bob or three!).

The harpsichord lid as it is at present... a ways off finished!

I'm also posting a few pics from our visit to the venerable British Museum, where Teresa and I went to see the superb Bonaparte and the British show, on the day before it finally closed. Seeing two Eagles 'in the flesh' was quite special.

Whilst at the BM we also saw an exhibition of incredible stuff belonging to a collection from the Rothchild family. Check out the inlaid work on this ancient gunstock!

And finally... as a wee kiddie I used to make hordes of little Plasticene figures; in my early teens I even sculpted some really rather woeful Milliput ones. Now, all these years later, I intend at some point soon-ish (time and work allowing!) to have a 'proper' go.

I really enjoy Tom's videos. He's working at a larger scale than I intend to. But I learned a lot from him: thanks Tom!

The videos of American fantasy/sci-fi figure sculptor Tom Mason were educational and inspirational (thank'ee, Mr Mason). And after watching a few of his lessons on YouTube I decided to 'tool up'. The pic below shows my current arsenal of gear, ready to go...

Well, back to work!


  1. Great video, maybe one day I'll have a go myself.

    1. Yeah, I enjoy Tom's tutorials. Some of them are even quite relaxingly hypnotic! (I think the music plays a part)

  2. Great photos. I have a soft spot for Canova.
    That harpsichord lid is simply splendid. You're a talented chap, sir.

    1. Hi Michael, glad you like the pics. And thanks for the kind words, they're much appreciated :-)

  3. Your painting skills are fabulous!

    I also liked the photo of the French Eagle flags. I've seen the ones in the musée de l'Armée - Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris. Just shows how oversized the ones used by wargamers tend to be :)

    Re. sculpting figures, have you tried Fimo? It's been used by wargamers to make their own figures with great results.

    1. Hi RC, thanks for the kind words, they really are appreciated.

      And yes, I have some Fimo, lined up and ready to go. I've made some armatures, and put a bit of green stuff on 'em... I'll get stuck in just as soon as I get some time!