Tuesday 29 July 2014

Painting Progress: AW 15mm Brits cont.

I've given these minis the Quickshade treatment, plus some highlights - Quickshade made them look too dull - and finally two coats of Testors lacquer...

Took the pics outside, for a change, it being so glorious... 

As I mentioned in my previous post on these figures, I chatted to the guy who runs AW, and he's a very nice guy. Looking at his website now it seems he's more focussed on 28mm than 15mm. 15mm used to be my main scale, but for gaming Russia 1812 at anything over skirmish level, it's too large and expensive. 

My favourite 15mm are AB and Anthony Barton era Battle Honours, and then Minifigs (the latter for nostalgic reasons). I think these AW are a bit too stocky for my tastes, and it's a shame about the ill-formed bayonets on some of these (the French aren't quite so bad in that respect). The worst offenders I snipped off, and may well rebuild with Milliput if I ever get the time! Some I might leave sans bayonet.

So, what do people think? I've been told that one shouldn't use Testors over metallic colours (it says so on the can as well), but I think the metal areas look ok. Sure, they're a bit duller than they were, but they still look metallic. I'm still not sure about Quickshade. But then this is the first time I've used it! (I bought the tin about three years ago!)

Part of me wanted to paint the bases green again, after the Quickshade pooled around their feet. But I think that seeing as I'll be basing them at some juncture, there isn't really any point. It'd just be wasted time and energy!