Tuesday 14 June 2016

Painting Progress: loadsa figures...

Nothing too specific in this post, just keeping myself motivated on the painting front, really.

I bought a can of matt grey undercoat paint, from a car parts shop in Ely, on a friend's recommendation. You get more coverage for your buck! I bought the can Saturday, it's Tuesday today, and I've emptied it already. 

Proper 'toy soldiers' these!

These fellows in zeltbahn needed their right hands adjusting, to look more natural/realistic: left as bought; right, after plastic surgery.

But then I have sprayed base-coats on quite a bit of stuff: about 150 1/72 plastic figures (not the hard plastic type either, but the 'toy' soft plastic sort!), from several different brands, inc. Airfix, Revell, and Caesar; then there are about 40 or 50 28mm Retreat From Russia figs, almost all of which are Perry (there's one figure, of Ney, in the famous musket-toting, long fur-lined-jacket wearing pose derived from that famous painting of him fighting with the rearguard... but I forget who the manufacturer is!?); and fourteen 28 hard plastic hussar mounts (Perrys again!).

Ready for undercoating.

I love these figures!

Can you spot the lone non-Perry fig?

The can also saw service on Saturday and Sunday, as well as today, covering a further 10 or so mounted 28mm figs, and around the same number on foot, both groups being Napoleon and staff. 

There are also a few random extras, like some Salute figures from various years. And then there are all the ongoing 20mm WWII Germans, that I started during Half-Term. Oh, and the 10mm Russians, and the 28mm Front Rank drummers, and...

At left, Gringo 40's rather nice 28mm Murat, a pied; centre, a Salute ACW officer (shades of Custer?); right, Foundry's Murat, also in Polish garb.

One of my several 28mm Napoleon's, this a one-piece casting, from Foundry.

Another great Salute figure: Colin Maud, or rather Kenneth More, with blackthorn stick and faithful mutt, Winston.

Well, it's all proceeding in a rather haphazard manner. That kind of bothers me on one level. I feel I ought to fix on one project, and see it through. But, thus far at any rate, I seem incapable of doing that. So, never mind, I'll just follow my whims for now!

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