Saturday 30 September 2017

(Not Quite!?) Euro-Militaire, 2017

Another wonderful sunny model-fest by the sea.

My pal Paul introduced me to Euro-Miliatire in 2016, which turned out to be its final year under the that name. Now it's the Euro Miniature Expo! There were some wonderful models on show. My interest in German WWII stuff guided me in my photography, as usual.

The biggest and most noticeable difference, to me at least, was the lesser no. of exhibiting models/modellers, with almost half the lower floor display area empty. Paul tells me the show has been shrinking over the years anyway. Apparently there was a time it spilled out of the venue and into the surrounding street!

Traders wise, however, it seemed pretty much the same as 2016. At least as far as I could discern.

I doubt I'll go again, to be honest. It was enjoyable ebough. But I overspent (as usual!).  My reason is that, in truth, it's not exactly geared to my particular tastes/requirements. As a (sort of/theoretical) wargamer I need more 1/72 land warfare stuff. And more generally, I just prefer shows that cater more to my other collecting interests, i.e. more book stalls!

A terrific diorama.

Love the weathering and the interior detailing!

Anyhoo, I bought four boxes of different Armourfast 1/72 Shermans, two Images of War titles (one on Shermans, for ref with those imminent Armourfast builds), a 1/72 Italeri Gotha transport (mit bonus Kunelwagen!), unt ein großes Buch an der Ostfront: Als Sanitätsoffizier im Rußlandfeldzug.

This book, whilst not cheap, is an amazing resource.

Paul, unlike me, went for the larger scale single figure things that's more at the heart of this show, buying a bunch of nicely sculpted white metal knights. All one-piece castings. Below are some of the amazing figures that were on show. Once again I've concentrated on German WWII stuff, which remains one of the more perennially popular categories with other modellers, it seems. Fine by me!

There were of course loads of models belonging to other categories, many of which were simply superb. So here are a few that I really liked, despite them falling outside the remit of my normal interests. The Fiat and Bentley below are amazing, and the weathering on the tractor below is terrific.

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