Sunday 1 May 2016

Kit Review: Masterbox 1/32 French Hussar

Teresa has been on at me for ages to start making bigger models, or collecting bigger figures, or whatever. And, rather handily, this chimes with a long held desire of mine; as a kid I'd always wanted to buy and build Historex Napoleonic figures, but, for a whole heap of reasons I won't bore you with, never did. When I spotted these Masterbox cavalrymen at this years Salute, I just upped and grabbed 'em.

A couple of days ago I cleaned up and assembled the horse. It's a nice model, but there are some parts where the edges don't join very neatly. So I got out the Superfine White Milliput, and did some filling in. It looks rather rough, admittedly, but I think it'll clean up alright. And by the time the model's finished and painted, I hope it'll look ok.

At the front end I had to tidy up the X-shaped part of the bridle, and fill a gap along the left side of the neck, just behind the rear-most part of the bridle.

Another area of non-alignment was at the horses rear-end, on the saddle and the nags rump.

Then today I made a start on cleaning up all the bits for the rider. The model allows you several options, such as a cloth or sheepskin shabraque, and the choice of pelisse worn, or over the shoulder, busby or shako, and several weapon/pose variations. I opted for the classic dashing beau sabreur look, pelisse slung over one shoulder, sabre resting nonchalantly on the other, the shako - for full tassel and plume effect - and the carbine slung along the right leg.

In this pic I'm making little bosses for the fish-scale chin straps, as the model doesn't have them.

The shako bosses in situ, with the rider in the saddle. I also had to add some detail to the braid and tassels on the shako.

And I made a tassel for his right boot, as the moulding on this leg was rather lacking in form, in respect of that particular detail.

I took this pic to show, the huge gap between the back and front parts of the carbine strap, which I filled with Milliput.

I decided to make the rider and his horse separately, so as to be better able to paint them, prior to final full assembly. Next step, undercoating. I might well try to paint this model entirely in acrylics, as I've never done a model that way yet, having thus far preferred Humbrol enamels.

Assembly completed, aside from actually mounting the rider atop his trusty steed.

Doh! Just spotted that my hussar's left arm has the furry trim of the worn pelisse around the wrist. So, what to do? Chop off the arm and replace it, or attempt to sculpt back to the piped sleeve? Hmmm!?

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