Tuesday 28 November 2017

Book Review: The Blohm & Voss Bv 141, Richard Franks

This A4-sized paperback is chock-full of info, both verbal and visual, on the Blohm & Voss Bv 141, a strange looking asymmetrical reconnaissance aircraft designed and built for the Luftwaffe during WWII. In the end the equally funky if more conventionally symmetrical FW-189 was chosen in preference. Both of these planes shared almost identical complex cockpit-glazing - a proper aerial greenhouse of glass - to facilitate the observing role for which they were designed.

The authors'/publishers' obsessional interest in their subject is adroitly translated into a well laid out, highly informative resource, perfect for the almost equally obsessed enthusiast/modeller. As well as a potted history of the 'airframe', there's a long section by section breakdown, detailing the various areas of the plane, and how it evolved and developed. As well as technical diagrams from contemporary sources, and period photos, there are also very useful modern colour illustrations, showing numerous different models/liveries, etc.

At the rear of the book is an article which follows the popular build/review format of the modelling fraternity. A Hobbyboss 1/48 version of the kit is made, and this is also amply illustrated, both during construction and when completed. A list of available models in various scales, and other resources (decals, reference) is also included.

The kit I've built. Nice box art!

I bought my copy to help me make and detail the rather old/basic Airfix 1/72 kit of this fabulously odd-looking War bird, and found it terrifically helpful. There is always the web - free! - and this title ain't cheap, but having all this useful stuff gathered handily together makes it a worthwhile investment. I can see myself acquiring more from this series!

This is how my Bv 141 looks at present.

Belly up!


Pages from this book reproduced with the kind permission of Valiant Wings. N.B. This particular Airframe Detail title is now out of stock. Great to hear they sold out. But if you want them to republish, get in touch. Enough interest, and they probably will.

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