Wednesday 27 May 2015

Book Review - Modelling Trees, Gordon Gravett

I've reviewed this book here and over at Amazon UK, having just used it to help me complete my first two tree models (as blogged in my previous post!). I've given this book five stars over at the Amazon website because it is excellent, being both inspiring and informative. 

But I do have one or two little quibbles. My chief gripe is that various techniques are mentioned without a full break-down. E.g. the use of 'Artex' is referenced on numerous occasions, as a means to create the body of the tree, but - and I hope I simply haven't missed it? - nowhere could I find any guidance on what ratio of the various ingredients (Artex, PVA, water, or whatever) to mix. The same applies to mixing PVA and water in other situations. I'm sure I'll develop my own knowledge given time, but approximate pointers would've been very welcome and useful, and would improve the book.

But this aside, the book is great, and as mentioned above (and in my previous post!), at the time of posting this review I've just finished my first two trees. I'm working in a much smaller scale, by the way - making trees for 6mm and 100mm scale wargaming - whereas Gravett is making much bigger (and more detailed) trees for model railways in HO/OO scale (1/76). [1] I'm not a railway modeller, but I can see why people get as into it as Gravett has; the results he achieves are simply stunning!


[1] HO and OO are actually different scales, but both use the same gauge. Confusing, eh? This link explains.

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