Friday 28 August 2020

OMG! I really don't like 'text-speak', but... OMFG!!!

My new workbench, under construction (now finished).

It's been ages since my last post on here. Tracking my former activities, it's like I've fallen off the mini-military thing altogether, since... well, ummm... I only managed two posts apiece in January and March this year! I've actually been doing next to nothing. I can only think of one kit build - a 1/72 German ambulance - in this period, and even my reading has ground to very near a complete halt.

So, why the cessation of activities? Well, somewhat strangely, perhaps, the whole Covid-19 lockdown thing hasn't meant having the time to do my military stuff. Instead I've been either indulging in bouts of rest - watched loads of soccer and snooker! - or working on home improvements. Major projects include the continued build of our greenhouse, re-roofing my shed/workshop, and building myself a workbench. Minor stuff includes renovating a snooker table, installing a shower, an outside tap, putting up numerous shelves, clothes hangers, etc, and reorganising my workshop.

My DIY 'jazz' greenhouse,* as it is now, i.e. still a WIP.

* Jazz because it's more or less completely improvised.

Alongside these activities there's been a host of other even smaller things, and the upshot has been that my mini-military and related hobbies have been put to one side, for much longer than anticipated. Reading wise I've done a little more, and intend to post a slew of book reviews over the next few days/weeks, to get back in the saddle. Model-making and 'toy soldier' wise, however, it's gone right off the boil.

Took the old corrugated roof off the shed, and put a flat OSB/felt roof on.

Yesterday, having finished painting the interior of my new shed roof - the new ceiling - I decided to treat myself. Our car had been off the road for two weeks, in for repairs, and getting out on the road for some fresh air, and a little jaunt to Ely - for. the model shop and bookshops - seemed like a swell idea. 

I'm on immuno-suppressant medications for psoriasis and psoriatic-arthritis, and have been in 'shielding' during lockdown. In part that's also why I've been doing less mini-military stuff, as I've been shattered, which is a symptom of both my ailments and the meds. So getting out like this was a major change/treat in itself. I wound up buying two great art books at the Ely Oxfam, which frequently has a much better than usual selection of interesting books. One caught my eye in particular, featuring as it did, Ingres' iconic painting of Napoleon on his coronation throne.

My book acquisitions.

Then I went to Ely City Cycle Centre, the old-fashioned department store with a pretty good model section. The best selection of models I'm aware of, in easy reach of us. They've changed it around, again, plus there's a one-way system in place, due to the Coronavirus situation. Their 1/72 Revell kits are way overpriced, which ruled them out. In the end I plumped for a Hasegawa 88mm gun, and a Roden Opel Blitz L701, Einheitsdiesel, with all wood cab.

I wanted to take time out, and actually build one of these kits as well. But there was still plenty in the way of chores, so I didn't get started till 9-10pm. I'll be posting that evening's build as soon as can.

My two model purchases.


  1. Good to see you posting again.. like you, my productivity took a dive the same way as UK GDP in a pandemic, as well..

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. What are/were the reasons for your slowdown?
      PS - It's great to discover I haven't lost ALL interest from 'the outside world'. I was worried that after such a long break it would mean when I did pick up again, no one would notice!