Wednesday 6 April 2016

Kit Review: Sopwith Camel, Pt II

Up till today I had been adding new sections to my original Sopwith Camel post as I worked on it.  But doing so on my iPad is proving such a monumental pain in the arse, that I decided to post this update as a new and separate part.

Today was about touching up little paint details, and, more fundamentally, doing the 'rigging'. I looked at a lot of photographs of the real thing, and many gobsmackingly beautiful models. There's a lot of talented, patient, methodical people out there!

I opted to rig this bird with stretched sprue, as an experiment and learning process. I also chose to simplify the rigging, and only portray certain parts. I've probably got it wrong anyway. But I'm fairly pleased with the result. But, goodness me, it was fiddly and time consuming!

I took a couple of pics of the Camel perched on top of an MDF CD stand by IKEA, as shown above.  But I thought they looked rather dull, so I took some photos of her sitting on top of my iPad, over an image of some Sopwith Camel diagrams. These images, though not perfect (and the model itself needs cleaning up, weathering, and varnishing), do at least look a bit more interesting, I reckon.

Those familiar with  this Revell kit will notice that I have not used the decals as supplied. Instead, I have adapted them, to suit my own preferred more straightforward looking version of this very beautiful aircraft.

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