Sunday 14 June 2015

1/76 WWII - Airfix Opel Blitz & Pak 40

Yet another addition to my recent spate of 'tidying up'. And yet another instance of a very partially documented build. I've got a niggling feeling that pics of these builds must've been tken. But where the deuce are the images now?

This was another kit that I bought two of, one for me, and one for my father. and we sat building them together on a monday afternoon, before watching some World At War to wind-down. I like trucks, and this is fun to make. The lower chassis in particular, is greatly enjoyable. There are some fiddly bit, making this one of the ore challenging of the Airfix kits we've tried thus far. And as Pa found out, if you're not careful, you can damage the axles and put your wheels out of whack quite easily!

I love the suspension and drive-shaft/transmission, etc.

Although I painted my driver, I didnt end up putting him in the cab, whereas ye aulde Pater did. I've also built the gun. but I can't find any pics of that, or any more of the build. The truck is finished, assembly-wise, but remains in matt black undercoat only for now.

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