Sunday 14 June 2015

1/72 WWII - Academy Light Vehicles of Allied & Axis During WWII

This little group of vehicles, still in an incomplete state, was actually the first set of 1/72 WWII modelling stuff I got, since getting back into all things wargaming and model-making. It was also my first kit purchase from City Centre Cycles, the shop in Ely that sells all sorts of stuff, including, to my great joy, lots and lots of models.

I seem to have lost the MG from the Willys Jeep (which is, incidentally, my only non-German vehicle so far). The Kettenkrad is in the most advanced state, inasmuch as I've actually added figures, and more or less finished the painting. But I haven't added decals to anything in the group yet! Im not sure if the Willys should be a captured one in German service, or an American, English, or perhaps even a Russian one? 'Lend-lease' and all that. It all depends on what combat zone I eventually plump for. I was intending to do the Ostfront, but as Im doing Russia 1812, in my Napoleonic zones, I might go instead for Italy, post 1943. Hmmm!?

The Kubelwagen, mounted on a champagne cork, 
for painting purposes. [1]

The Kettenkrad, mit riders.

[1] I find the need for an unending supply of corks, strictly for painting purposes - I see them as single use items - creates a lamentable but unavoidable need for a constant supply of fresh booze. Ah me, the trials of the military hobbyists life, eh?

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