Sunday 14 June 2015

1/72 WWII - Revell Stug 40 Ausf G

In my bid to clean up my posts and get everything I've documented so far online, I'm a bit mystified-cum-annoyed to discover that one or two of the builds I enjoyed the most, including this one and the Zvezda Panther, were very partially documented. 

I don't suppose it really matters? But I do rather like the motivation keeping these records gives!

So, there's a picture of the box, and then a few pics of the running gear, and then nothing until I got around to painting it. And then only in a very basic manner! Hey-ho, thats how it sometimes goes I suppose!? 

What I can say is that, like pretty much all the Revell kits I've made so far, this one went together like a dream, and was intensely pleasurable to build. I've added a little bit of stowage to it, and I'm awaiting the purchase of a better (dual-control) airbrush before going further with the currently rather coarse looking camo. The scheme is derived from a pic in panzer Colours, Vol. 1.

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