Monday 13 October 2014

Wargaming Media: The Draughtsman - An Excursion In Art, by Cristoph Mueller

Browsing around the TMP message boards I stumbled upon a thread, in the American Civil War area of the message boards, about the above-linked video. The post was, I bleieve, from the creator of the movie, and apologises for the lack of polish. I watched it, enjoyed it enormously, and replied saying that, as far as I'm concerned it's very well done.

It's basically a short film by and about Christoph Mueller - whose name and accent suggest a European (Germanic?) location - concerning his interests and activities in wargaming and art, and incorporates both a 'vintage' style factual-TV type talk to camera (as should be apparent from the image in the above preview frame), with Mueller in a bow tie downing glasses of single malt whiskey and philosophising about wargaming, along with a brief animation of some of his ACW miniatures. Both elements are great.

Looking at Mueller's other interests, as displayed via his YouTube 'feed' (if that's the correct term?), is intriguing. I liked the various musical strands, and his artistic stuff, and was thrilled to also see a link to the venerable Bertrand Russell, especially so as it was regarding his excellent Why I Am Not A Christian, a book I own and have read, and entirely agree with. I've yet to tackle Russell's History of Western Philosophy, but this was a reminder to do so.

But the best things about this short film, for me, are that it mixes humour and philosophy with art and wargaming, in a sublimely enjoyable cocktail of delight. As Steely once said 'Ain't never gonna do it without the fez on'. Quite! Mr Mueller, as I slosh a shot of Bombay Sapphire gin across the portcullis, I doff my invisible fez to you!

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