Sunday 29 June 2014

Painting Progress: Heroics & Ros 1/300th Imperial Guard Engineers (& paints, etc.)

I'm managing to keep myself 'at it', in painting terms, at present... how long can this last? Pictured above are the paints I'm currently using: all Humbrol enamels, at present, plus my selection of (mostly very fine) brushes.

Starting above, a few pics of the Imperial Guard Engineers that I'm currently working on.

The rank are file are pretty much done, but the officers and drummers are still to be finished.

Basing, as with all my troops, remains an unresolved conundrum.

The observant may have noticed that I haven't done brass eagle plates on all the helmets yet. You may also notice a problem I'm having with very fine hairs becoming attached to figures. these annoying little things once belonged to Tigger (see below), our very hairy but extremely lovely pussy cat!

Here's the hairy little blighter... he's trying on a pair of my shoes: 'Hey Tigger, you silly boy... you've got them on back to front!' Some cats, eh? This pic wasn't set up, by the way, he often sit's on the shoe rack. It just so happened on this occasion that he planted little little furry mitts 'just so'!


  1. Great looking tiny figures!!!

  2. Hi Seb, it`s nice to see someone brave enough to paint 6mm figures,and use enamel paints too. It is very interesting work and very well done. As for the paint issue I use enamel paint on all my model figures. Beano Boy

  3. Hi Paul

    Thanks for the feedback. When I was doing this as a kid I started out just using enamels, but eventually ended up using both enamels and, increasingly, artists oil colours. But I was doing mostly 15mm and 25/8mm back then.

    Since resuming I did try using the now very popular acrylics, when I did some (still unfinished) 10mm French and Russian Napoleonics. But I really didn't like them. To me they seem to dry a bit too quickly - i.e. on the brush sometimes! - quicker than enamels and, of course much quicker than oils (not tried oils again yet), and I also felt the acrylics coverage wasn't as consistent either.

    Enamels have their own issues of course - too runny sometimes, too thick other times - a tendency to separate out, etc. I'll look at yours again now I know they're also all enamels!



  4. Great to see someone else using enamels. I too have tried acrylics and can't stand them! I also find the colours too unnaturally bright!

    How you paint such small figures is beyond me!